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Checchi Awarded New Contract in Serbia
In February 2018, Checchi Consulting was awarded a four-year contract by USAID/Serbia to implement the Government Accountability Initiative. The overall goal of the Government Accountability Initiative is to strengthen the capacities of key Serbian stakeholders to increase government accountability at the national and local levels. At the national level, Checchi will provide technical assistance to the Anti-Corruption Agency and the State Audit Institution to strengthen the monitoring of public officials and government performance. In addition, the company will assist anti-corruption court units in managing corruption cases and help establish a system for the collection of unified statistics on corruption. At the local level, Checchi will provide technical assistance to help local governments operate in a more transparent and responsive manner, as well as support the development and implementation of local anti-corruption plans.
Checchi Awarded New Subcontract in Serbia

In July 2017, Checchi Consulting was awarded a four-year subcontract to help implement the USAID-funded Rule of Law Project in Serbia. The prime contractor is Development Professionals, Inc., a small business. Checchi will provide technical assistance in strengthening the enforcement of judgments, information technology and case management, legislative reform, and monitoring and evaluation of project activities.

Extension of the Justice Sector Strengthening Activity in El Salvador

In June 2017, Checchi Consulting received a one-year extension of its contract to implement the Justice Sector Strengthening Activity (JSSA) in El Salvador. This modification extends the JSSA through March 2019 and expands the Project’s activities with a focus on eight municipalities. The company will provide tailored, comprehensive support in these municipalities to improve inter-institutional collaboration, victims’ assistance services and criminal investigations. Checchi also will continue to help reduce corruption by improving court management procedures and increasing judicial transparency.

James Agee Elected President of Checchi Consulting

Checchi Consulting is pleased to announce that James Agee was elected President of the company on October 21, 2016. Mr. Agee joined the company’s home office staff in June 2009 and was elected Vice President of Programs in October 2010. Mr. Agee succeeds Vincent A. Checchi, who will continue to serve as the Chairman of the Board of Directors. Mr. Agee has more than 30 years of experience in international development and legal reform.  His experience with the company includes serving as the Home Office Technical Manager for USAID-funded contracts and task orders in Afghanistan, Kosovo, Liberia, Mali and Moldova. From 2006 to 2009 he was the company’s Chief of Party for the Afghanistan Rule of Law Project, the largest USAID-funded rule of law activity in the world at the time. Mr. Agee also served as the company’s Chief of Party for the ELIPS-II Project in Indonesia from 2001 to 2004, where he worked on the development of legal infrastructure and legal education, as well as the establishment of Indonesia’s Competition Commission.

Checchi Awarded New Task Order in Mexico

In September 2016, Checchi Consulting was awarded a three-year task order by USAID/Mexico to implement the Transparency Rapid Response Project. The Company will support capacity-building of federal, state and local government institutions for the implementation of the National Anticorruption System. Among other activities, Checchi will support interinstitutional coordination, strengthen anticorruption networks in states and municipalities, help replicate the federal anticorruption structure in the states, and develop training initiatives for public institutions. The Company also will work to strengthen citizen participation and civil society oversight in order to increase transparency and government accountability.

Extension of the Security and Justice Sector Reform Project in Guatemala

In September 2016, Checchi Consulting received a one-year extension of its contract to implement the Security and Justice Sector Reform Project (SJSRP) in Guatemala. This modification extends the SJSRP through August 2018 and expands the Project’s anti-corruption and legal reform activities. The company will support the establishment and strengthening of specialized courts for high-profile corruption cases, as well as strengthen specialized prosecutors’ offices for extortion and corruption cases. Checchi will continue to help develop modern, transparent justice sector processes and strengthen civil society to encourage citizen participation in security and justice sector issues.

Checchi Awarded New Task Order in Afghanistan
In April 2016, Checchi Consulting was awarded a five-year task order by USAID/Afghanistan to implement the Assistance for the Development of Afghan Legal Access and Transparency (ADALAT) Project. Through ADALAT, USAID/Afghanistan seeks to improve the quality of legal services for all Afghan citizens. Checchi will work with formal judicial institutions, including the Afghan Supreme Court and Afghanistan Independent Bar Association, to improve the quality of professional training and legal education for judges and lawyers. In addition, Checchi will help build systems for better operational management in the formal justice sector, as well as develop greater links between the formal and informal justice systems. Finally, Checchi will work with a variety of civil society organizations to improve citizens’ awareness of their legal rights and resources through public outreach and education activities.
Extension of the CLE Program in Kosovo

In April 2016, Checchi Consulting received a 22-month extension of its contract to implement the USAID-funded Contract Law Enforcement (CLE) Program in Kosovo. During the extension period, the Company will provide technical assistance to the courts to resolve approximately 100,000 cases in order to eliminate the enforcement backlog, as well as improve the statistical reporting on enforcement cases done by the courts and the Kosovo Judicial Council. Activities in commercial law will be continued, resulting in the finalization and implementation of new laws pertaining to bankruptcy, late payments, business organization and mediation. All activities will be accompanied by public education and outreach efforts to ensure that the business community, and citizens in general, are aware of changes to enforcement systems and the commercial law framework.

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